Types of pocket watch

There are three different distinctive pocket watch designs and styles, the open face, full hunter and half hunter, each have their own uses and purposes. Pocket watches are often classed and sold by their design type hence the reason you will often see a timepiece detailed as open face or hunter style.

Although pocket watches are a watch design on their own there are various different styles and designs that set them apart from each other, much in the same way as you have different style wrist watches. These design differences effect the way that the pocket-watch is used and how the time is displayed. Each design can have an effect on the value of the watch especially when looking at purchasing antique pocket watches as the different designs were popular during different periods in time.

Collectors or horologists as they are also sometimes known tend to stick with one particular design style that way they can specialise in a certain area, they also can then build up knowledge of a particular brand or period of time.sekonda-1-front-small

There are three main types, the open face, the half hunter and the hunter (also known as the full hunter). There are also double hunter and half double hunter variations but these are less common and as the names suggest are variations on the main three design types.

Open face

Open face pocket watches as the name suggests and as illustrated are of a design where there is no cover of the face of the watch. The time can be read without the need to remove any covers. This style is more modern and was not common until the twentieth century due to the porcelain used on earlier watches being easily damaged. Now with more stronger materials used for the face open face pocket watches have become a lot more popular.

Full hunter

The full hunter style was a more popular choice during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as the full hunter featured a cover that opened and closed with the use of a small hinge attached to the side of the watch. Often popular as gifts the full hunter was often decorated with various designs on the outer casing and it was not uncommon for some to display initials or pictures on the inside of the cover. The main drawback of this design however was that each time the owner wished to view the time they would have to open the front cover which for a watch in everyday use became tiresome.

Half hunter

This is where the half-hunter style pocket watch came in, by combining both the accessibility of the open face with the protection of the full hunter the half hunter became a popular choice. Like the full hunter the half hunter still featured a cover however this time it included a hole that allowed the owner to still see the time even with the cover closed and without the need to open it.

In addition to the three main types there are also many different designs and styles available for pocket watches.
The different styles include:
Polished finish
Brushed finish
Plain face
Viewable mechanical parts

The above list is not exhaustive so you can be sure to find the style and design that you are looking for given the choice available, not to mention that they can be purchased as antique collectors items or as new.

An alternative to a pocket watches ideal for a female is a gold pendant. Where pocket watches may suit the older generation a pendant is a great gift idea for any young female.

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