Silver Pocket Watches

Silver Pocket Watches

Time has been an important element to mankind since the first development of the clock. Everyday, you see people with wristwatches and it is commonplace to find them on nearly every wrist.

But the Silver Pocket Watch is something that holds a bit of historical significance in itself. They are not as common as they once were, but silver pocket watches have always been a way to make a statement, and to stand out from everyone else. As a matter of fact, the pocket watch is a sense of history in itself. The first mention of a pocket watch was in 1462!

Pocket watches came to the forefront when in 1891 due to the fact that one watch had stopped for 4 minutes and had caused a catastrophe. It was then that these watches were set to a uniformed time, and trains could avoid collision.

There are many types of pocket watches, from the gold to the silver, from the open face to those encased to protect the screen. Silver pocket watches stand above many of the others as they encompass the history, and the beauty of the watch. Until about the First World War, the pocket watch was considered to be masculine and the thing that all men should wear. There were wristwatches at the time, but they were considered more for the females. However, during World War I, many Officers realized the value and convenience of having a watch on the wrist rather than hanging from a chain and being concealed in a pocket.

The pocket watches made a slight return to prominence in the 1970s when 2 piece suits were the fashion, and silver pocket watches stood out once again as a symbol of beauty, manliness, and history all rolled into one.

Humanity has had many different ways of tracking time since the very beginning, but silver pocket watches have always held their place as something to cherish.

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