Gold Pocket Watches

Why choose a Gold Pocket Watch

In the modern hustle and bustle of life many people have forgotten the beauty of the pocket watch. The most often cited works of art in the watch venue are gold pocket watches. These expensive time pieces were not just about telling time. They were both a statement of fashion as well as importance. Time was money and anyone with a watch made of gold must have truly valuable time indeed.

A pocket watch is generally round in design and is meant to be attached to a fob, a chain that is used to keep it from being lost or stolen. Since many of the more fanciful pocket watches are made of gold or sterling silver they were often the target of would-be thieves and other riff-raff.

There are two types of watch in this category. There is the open-faced watch and the hunter-case watch. The open-face watch is exactly as it sounds in that it lacks a protective covering and is always open to view. These watches typically have the pendant, the primary knob or winding the watch, at the twelve o’clock position and the sub-dial at the six o’clock position. A hunter-case watch is similar in design and comes with a closing cover to protect the face. Typically hunter-case watches are sidewinders, with the sub-dial at the three o’clock position instead of at the six o’clock position.

Gold pocket watches have been in fashion since the pocket watch first became popular in the sixteenth century. They would be owned by kings, queens, important nobles, and rich merchants for centuries as the pre-eminent form of personal time telling. One of the earliest references to this style of watch was made in 1462 by Bartholomew Manfred, an Italian clockmaker, to the Marchese di Manta. Therein he offered a pocket clock that was finer than the one even the duke of Modena owned.

It might interest some to know that the style of wearing oversized clocks around the neck did not begin with such notable individuals as ‘Flavor Flav’. The first portable watches were oversized and a little boxy due to the mechanical constraints of the time. These watches were typically worn around the neck.

Gold pocket watches were a sign of wealth, station, and overall influence for many centuries. Their craftsmanship was a true master’s art that left most prospective owners gasping in awe and admiration at their working and aesthetic appeal.

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