Can a gold plated pocket watch be engraved?

If you are thinking of buying a gold plated pocket watch for a wedding gift or anniversary you may wish to engrave it to add that personal touch. It also adds that thoughtful touch and shows you have taken time in choosing a gift. The receivers initials or a personal message is always a nice touch when giving a gift to someone.

Also gold pocket watches can be a perfect item to compliment existing Jewellery such gold bracelets, chains and rings.

When something is plated, it means that there is a weaker metal underneath. When you engrave something plated, you often get the weaker metal showing through so be aware when buying a gift what material it is made of.

The best solution is to speak to a jewellery engraver who can help assist you in your purchase as the material and design will impact on the ability to engrave it. A full hunter pocket watch would be easier to engrave as you have more space in which to add your message, although the back of the watch can always be used as a second choice.

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